Aerial Imagery

Drones have revolutionized the creative industry by dramatically lowering the cost of aerial photography and videography. And drones are an important part of our tool set to help you deliver powerful, polished, professional messages.

Not all drone operators are the same, though. Some things that set us apart:

  • Drones are just one part of our storytelling toolbelt to use as needed in certain projects, but they’re not our main focus. With how commonplace drone footage is becoming today, it’s easy to look gimmicky if it’s overused. It’s a wonderful tool, sure, but just one small part of an effective communication strategy.
  • We hold an FAA certificate to operate drones legally and safely within the national airspace system. In fact, the owner of our company is a private pilot who flies airplanes, too. We operate by the book and follow the rules and regulations designed to keep you and your reputation safe.
  • If a drone operator tells you FAA certification isn’t really required for commercial drone flights, federal regulations don’t really matter, and especially if they don’t notify air traffic control when operating a drone within 5 miles of an airport, those should all be red flags.